Shehab Najjar

Head of Cyber Counter Terrorism Unit

Shehab Najjar is one of the Cyber Security Consultants who is constantly participating in providing research papers and scientific conferences within inside and outside the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, whereas he talked in some of them about the world of Cyber-crimes, electronic warfare, and more.

He was appointed Head of the Cyber Counter Terrorism Unit for CYBERPOL in 2016. His responsibilities include monitoring the World Wide Web to track malevolent and terrorist websites and IPs containing illegal or harmful content capable of affecting the physical, emotional and psychological well-being of all Internet users, as well as other special tasks.

Shehab is the official representative of CYBERPOL in the Middle East and leads the CYBERPOL RED SOC UNIT. He also works as a cyber security consultant for a government entity in Dubai, UAE.

He has extensive experience in penetration testing, cyber threat intelligence and cyber terrorism investigation. Shehab has conducted cyber security training for more than 4,000 employees in UAE and 23,000 students in the Middle East and South Africa. He also uses his social media accounts to increase security awareness in the Middle East and South Africa.

Shehab has won numerous awards for presenting six cyber security innovations to make Dubai more secure. He is currently working to implement all his ideas with a government agency in Dubai.

Shehab became the official representative of SOMA Messenger. The world's fastest and secured messenger and he is familiar to media; where he appeared on many TV channels, newspapers, news agencies, radio stations and electronic magazines.

He believed and still believes that who defense of his dream will achieve them one day, despite all of the bad conditions that may pass on any one life, because inability is not being without legs, but being without a goal! Inability is being depressed and sad while you have the means to be successful and happy.

Najjar member of the international Cyber Threat Task Force. In addition, he is a member of the international institute of certified forensics investigation professionals, and he has a wide experience in penetration testing, digital forensics investigation, cyber terrorism investigation, and at night a lucid dreamer and a good cooker!

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